Worlds Beyond Words

Alison Stokes

True Stories About the Power of Literacy

A collection of real-life stories from people who have improved their lives through better literacy.  Foreword by Scott Quinnell

Some people take the power of words for granted. But for the thousands of people who struggle with poor literacy, words can be scary things. The men and women featured in this book have overcome their fears to improve their reading later in life. Whether they are famous businessmen or sports stars, teenagers in care, middle-aged mums, young soldiers or refugees forced to flee bloodshed in their own home countries, they all share a common desire to learn.

Their stories will inspire others to follow journeys of their own.

Alison Stokes is a writer and journalist, who writes for national magazines in the UK and US and regional newspapers in Wales. For many years she was a features editor at Trinity Mirror’s South Wales Echo. She also works as a part-time university lecturer in journalism and publishing manager.