Weight Loss, Life Gain

Chrissie Webber

A Motivational Journey to Permanent Weight Loss

"Weight Loss, Life Gain" takes the reader on a journey from a dieting 'Scarcity' Mindset, where food is demonised (bad vs good) and permanent weight loss is a life-long battle, through to the eight mindsets of 'Abundant Living'. Free from food obsession, craving and over-eating, this new mindset focuses on replacing comfort eating with comfort loving. Building self-belief, it leads the reader to discover the beauty of their inner self and how to let it shine freely. Presenting new ways of viewing life and food, and including anecdotal evidence, the book has been sensitively written to help people find a winning alternative to a life where food is the enemy and permanent weight loss, a much longed for dream. By recapturing long forgotten habits of 'Conscious Eating', connecting mind, body and spirit once more in unison with food and nature, the reader will discover how to make happiness their pathway to permanent weight loss.