The Future's Mine

L J Leyland

Fans of The Hunger Games and the Divergent trilogy will love L J Leyland's dystopian thriller The Future's Mine.

I do what I have to do…

After the Flood drowned the world thirty years ago, the tyrannical Metropole took control of the remaining land. Soon after came the rebellion led by the mysterious figurehead Regina, but when Regina vanishes after plotting to overthrow the Mayor, the rebels were labelled as traitors and murdered by the Metropole.

Seventeen year old orphan Maida Winter struggles to survive on the tiny island of Brigadus under the harsh rulings of the Mayor. After an attempt to raid his home goes horribly wrong, Maida is rescued by Noah – the only person who may hold the secret to overthrowing the Mayor’s regime. Determined to expose the Metropole for their real involvement in the Flood, Maida becomes the symbol of a new revolution that is resolute in uncovering the Metropole for who they really are – finishing what Regina started and bringing peace to the land she once knew.

Maida must battle to discover the truths about the Metropole, the Flood, and ultimately, herself…