The Escapologist

Mark Lock

Whilst being transported from prison to court for a hearing, convicted serial killer Arnold Richards is sprung from a police van by four black-clad motorcyclists. DI Hal Luchewski – the arresting officer in the original Richards case – is put in charge and begins to wonder exactly who would want to snatch a cold-blooded murderer from the claws of justice.

Some sort of sick fanclub? Or vigilantes out for blood?

Pretty soon, events spiral out of control and the body count begins to rise.

When things get far too close to home for comfort, Luchewski is taken off the case, but an unknown guardian angel keeps him mysteriously in the loop. Can Luchewski find Richards and bring him to justice before his daughter Lily becomes his next victim? Will Luchewski’s relationship with boyfriend Stevie survive?

And will anything ever be the same again?