The Berlin Friendship House

Vic Evans

Huw Cecil, reluctantly drawn back into the Security Service and the world of counter espionage after disgraced retirement, is joined by Lottie whose life seems to have stood still over the years. Mainly set against the majestic mountain ranges of North Wales and in the small town of Llangollen and its surrounding hills and moorlands, for Huw it is a story about the struggle against his dilemma of identity and the battle with his inner self. For Lottie it is about overcoming her dark secret as together they embark on a mission to take on the shadowy forces, on the one hand marshalled by Hackett convinced he is doing the right things but in the end only satisfying his own interests, and on the other the agents of the Foreign Intelligence Service of the Russian Federation. Together they eventually overcome their own demons as they uncover a hidden truth that will have titanic consequences.