Snapshots of Welsh History

Phil Carradice

Without the Boring Bits

A fascinating collection of stories from Welsh history collected from Phil Carradice’s popular BBC Wales blog, gathered together for the first time in a book.

Among the incredible stories are...

  • The man from Clydach who invented a Death Ray
  • The Welsh aristocrat whose parrot once bit Herman Goering on the nose
  • The witch who cursed the launch of a warship at Pembroke Dockyard
  • The battle that was won by a herd of cows

These stories are part and parcel of Welsh heritage and make history interesting.

Snapshots of Welsh Historywithout the boring bits covers a wide range of Welsh history topics. Written in Phil’s unique easy-to-read yet elegant style, these stories are funny, tragic, sad and hilarious. Yet the one thing they all have in common is that they make compelling reading.