Saucy Shorts for Chefs

Antony Worrall Thompson

This is a tasty collection of sumptuous short stories, mixedwith delicious recipes. Divided into starters, main courses and desserts, it is a literary candle-lit dinner. The previous titles in this range: "Sexy Shorts for Christmas", "Sexy Shorts for Summer", "Scary Shorts for Halloween", and "Sexy Shorts for Lovers" have been featured in numerous national and regional newspapers, as well as trade press, reached top ten positions in "The Bookseller" charts and raised thousands of pounds for charity.

Full list of contributors: Alison Baverstock, Jane Bidder, Rose Bray, Tina Brown, Catrin Collier, Penny Feeny, Kelly Florentia, Liza Granville, Zoe Griffin, Veronica Henry, Tamar Hodes, Sue Houghton, Dawn Hudd, Sue Johnson, Daisy Jordon, Ruth Joseph, Kath Kilburn, Maggie Knutson, Jill Lamas, Carolyn Lewis, Heather Lister, Adele Parks, Kelly Rose-Bradford, Rachel Sergeant, Jill Steeples, Ginny Swart, Phil Trenfield, Wendy Turner, Pam Weaver, Jane Wenham-Jones and Betka Zomoyska.