Sapphire Storm

Naomi Smart

The Gemstone Trilogy

It’s Louisa and Evan’s one year anniversary, but things are far from perfect. Angry and upset, Louisa falls back into old habits. Unable to face up to her feelings, she chooses to run. And there’s only one person she can run to. Only one person who will understand. The one who reunited her with Evan in the first place. The one who knows all their secrets. Conor.


But how to behave when visiting such a place as the Manor? With temptation lurking behind every door – not to mention Conor's irrepressible charm – will Louisa end up doing something she'll regret? Conor has the ability to show Louisa a different side of herself, but can the new Louisa still coexist with the old, the Louisa that Evan is still in love with?


The three friends are about to embark on a journey of sexual discovery. Will they reach their destination together? Or will they break apart along the way, destroying any sense of happiness that Louisa has ever known?