Glass House

Andrea Frazer

A neglected house in the village of Fairmile Green is suddenly descended upon by a veritable army of builders and tradespeople, and the locals are – mostly – enchanted to discover that it has been bought by the new media darling and winner of reality TV show The Glass House, Chadwick McMurrough.

It is only when he and his new partner, Bailey Radcliffe, move in that the locals’ hostility begins to become evident. After months of relentless noise during the property’s transformation, the newly restored peace is shattered, much to the neighbours’ chagrin, when McMurrough rashly introduces highly vocal peacocks into his huge rear garden. Ominously, older feelings of resentment towards the couple are stirred up by the nearby presence of both their ex-partners.

What with that uncomfortable situation, and the birds’ constant crimes causing ructions, the couple’s residence undoubtedly makes serious ripples in the usually tranquil pond of village life. And when the attempts on Chadwick McMurrough’s life begin, the game is afoot, and the police are called in.

It is not long before Detective Inspector Harry Falconer and Detective Sergeant ‘Davey’ Carmichael have a murder to solve – and things don’t stop there …