Flesh and Blood

Accent Press

The Eden House Mysteries

Flesh and Blood is the fourth volume in Bill Kitson's acclaimed Eden House Mysteries, featuring sleuthing journalist Adam Bailey and his partner Eve Samuels. When Adam receives a strange phonecall from an old friend, he and Eve find themselves investigating a ruthless murder at a manor in North Yorkshire. The victim, Stephen Pengelly, was not well-liked, and there seem to have been plenty of people happy to see him out of the picture – but which of them had most to gain from Pengelly’s demise?

Adam and Eve are as perplexed as the police over the method of the murder, which seems to have been accomplished with a strange weapon only previously rumoured in ancient legends. As they delve deeper into the case, unearthing more dastardly deeds, it seems the past has come unexpectedly to life – and death…