Diamonds and Pearls

Elaine Everest

A sparkling collection of short stories by many of the UK's best known magazine writers.

Read any women’s magazine and the names in this book are bound to be there. Women connected by fiction and their love of words who have joined together to support the awareness and treatment of breast cancer by the way they know best – the short story.

The book has been compiled by author Elaine Everest to celebrate the 30th anniversary of her survival from breast cancer.

Diamonds and Pearls includes stories by

Penny Alexandra

Teresa Ashby

Linda Barrett

Kelly Rose Bradford

Francesca Burgess

Catherine Burrows

June Crowe

Elaine Everest

Kelly Florentia

Della Galton

Lynne Hackles

Vivien Hampshire

Sue Houghton

Dawn Hudd

Vanda Inman

Angela Johnson

Caroline Jones

Sophie King

Linda Lewis

Lisa Main

Kath McGurl

Sue Moorcroft  

Sally Quilford   

Geraldine Ryan

Gerry Savill

Glynis Scrivens

Jill Steeples

Ginny Swart

Katharine Swartz

Fran Tracey

Christine Webb

Jane Wenham-Jones    

Ann West

Paula Williams

A donation from the sale of each book will go to the Against Breast Cancer charity   Registered charity no 1121258