Caribbean Islands Cruising Guide - USA edition

Michael Briant

USA Edition

This version of the popular ‘Caribbean Islands Cruising Guide’ is for sailors coming from the USA or Canada and heading into the islands for a season or longer.  All the routes are geared to Southbound Yachts

The American Caribbean Islands Cruising Guide details exactly the best and easiest route from Florida via the Bahamas, Turks & Caicos, Dominican Republic to the US Virgin Islands.

This book details how to get there and how to get home plus details of all the Island groups and anchorages. Pictures and chart details together with descriptions of the islands.


  1. Overview - Weather, Hurricanes, Security & Paperwork
  2.  Getting there from the USA
  3.  USA to Virgins the easy way (Florida to USVIs)
  4.  Getting there from Europe. (Gibraltar to the Caribbean)
  5.  The Virgin Islands
  6.  Saint Martin towards Antigua
  7.  Antigua to Martinique
  8.  St Lucia to Carriacou – Grenadines
  9.  Grenada and Trinidad
  10.  Trinidad to Venezuela and ABC Islands
  11.  Routes back to USA
  12. Route back to Europe