Summer Loving

Rachel Ennis

The Polvellan Cornish Mysteries

July in Polvellan brings the Summer fete and regattas up and down the coast. It’s usually a happy time – but Jess Trevanion’s relationship with Tom Peters is in trouble, as he wants a greater commitment than she is ready to make.

Jess soon has other things on her mind – she has to use all her investigational skills to try and prove a woman innocent of infidelity, but it causes long-hidden secrets to come to the fore.

Jess’s friends aren’t having much luck, either – teenage neighbour Tegan is being bullied over her pregnancy and Ben and Morwenna’s wedding plans are turned upside down by two huge shocks – will their big day go ahead or is it too late?

The fifth in the best-selling Polvellan Mysteries by Rachel Ennis, set in beautiful Cornwall.