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Grace Wynne-Jones is the author of four highly intimate, soulful novels that have received critical acclaim and an enthusiastic response from many readers. She was born and brought up in Ireland, and her early years were spent in a big rambling rectory in the Irish countryside where her father was a Church of Ireland clergyman.
She has been described as a novelist who tells the truth about the human heart, and she has often been praised for the warm humour and tender observations in her writing. “I value intimacy in ordinary life, people who seem to understand and people I don’t have to pretend with,” she admits. “That is what the characters in my novels want too,  they want to take off their masks and tell it how it truly is. One of my biggest pleasures is when a reader says that they have felt understood by one of my books.”
Grace has also lived in Africa, the USA and England, and her feature articles have appeared in many magazines and national newspapers. Her short stories have been published in magazines in Ireland, England and Australia, and have been broadcast on RTE and BBC Radio 4. 'Ebb Tide', her radio play, was broadcast on RTE One, and she has also produced and presented two radio documentaries.
She currently lives in Ireland and has a deep interest in psychology, spirituality and healing, and she also loves to celebrate the strangeness and wonders of ordinary life and love.