Entertaining Mr Pepys

Deborah Swift

The Women of Pepys' Diary - Book Three

Mary 'Bird' Carpenter has a wonderful singing voice, and music is her chief passion. When she marries horse-dealer Christopher Knepp, she knows she is marrying beneath her station. What she doesn't know, is that Knepp cares only for his horses; he is a tyrant and a bully, and will allow her no life of her own. Worst of all, he cannot see the point of music and bans it from the house.


When he goes away, she grasps at her chance and makes a forbidden visit to the theatre. Entranced by the music, the glitter and glamour of the surroundings, and the freedom of the women on the stage, she sets about finding a way to become an actress.


Determined to find friends to support her cause, she is drawn to the famous diarist Samuel Pepys, who shares her love of music and entertainment. But as she is drawn into his circle, she finds herself falling more and more under his spell.


With an unrequited love, jealous rivals on stage, and The Great Fire of London to contend with, Bird's journey to fame and fortune is never going to be easy.