I Was Waiting For You

Maxim Jakubowski

The new novel by Maxim Jakubowski, the “King of the Erotic Thriller” (The Times)

A young Italian woman flees her home in Rome and gets involved with the wrong man in Paris

Cornelia, the fearless stripper and killer for hire, who proved such a hit in previous novels, is back and on another mission to kill.

As the two women’s paths intersect, an English crime writer down on his luck is mistaken for a private eye and goes on a quest for a missing person

From New York to Paris, and then on a thrilling journey through Barcelona, Tangiers, Venice and then finally to a small medieval town outside Rome, the waltz with darkness of the three characters in search of love, lust and redemption becomes ever more poignant and mysterious

Sexy, sad, breathless, a memorable tale of lost souls caught in a spider’s web of their own making.

Author Information

Maxim Jakubowski is an award-winning author. He founded the Murder One bookshop in London. He has written seven crime and erotica novels and two short story collections. He has also edited over 70 anthologies including the Xcite Sex in The City series and the annual Mammoth Books of Best New Erotica and British Crime. A past columnist for Time Out and the Guardian, he regularly appears on TV and radio. He is a winner of the Anthony and Karel Awards.