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Colette was born in Yorkshire but has made County Durham her home for almost four decades. She dreamt of writing books from a young age, but for a long time that dream had to take second place to making a living and raising a family.
When in 2013 she was hospitalised for seven weeks with a life-threatening illness, Colette realised that if there was anything that she really wanted to achieve in her life she had better do it sooner rather than later.
In 2016 Accent Press published ‘Things I Should Have Said and Done,’ and that was the fulfilment of her childhood dream. Her second book, ‘Ribbons in Her Hair,’ came out in 2018 and there are two more books following in 2019. She is currently working on books that will hopefully be available in 2020.
When she is not writing, or working at her day job as a charity shop manager, Colette enjoys cooking, gardening reading, and walking the dog.
She lives with her husband in a tiny village near Durham City and has two grown up sons.