Hope for the Innocent

Caroline Dunford


Oswald Mosley has awoken nazi sympathy among Britain’s aristocratic society. There is a sense that the world is teetering on the brink. Enter Hope Stapleford, an Oxford graduate, with a love of books, an intensely observant nature and a distinct lack of interest in the ‘bright young things of the day’. When her rebellious socialite friend, Bernadette, tries to persuade to be a debutante in the Season of 1939, Hope is prepared to turn her down, but Hope’s mysterious Godfather - whose employment she has never quite fathomed - encourages her to accept, saying this is going to be the last hoorah before war changes the country forever. Hope reluctantly agrees, expecting no more than a round of dull parties (hopefully in houses with decent libraries) and perhaps a few introductions to interesting people.  But when a fellow debutante is murdered, Hope, Bernie, and their newly acquired associate, the amiable conman Harvey, find themselves thrust into a web of political intrigue that may affect the very heart of their nation.