A Death at the Church

Caroline Dunford

BOOK DUE FOR RELEASE ON 08/08/2019, paperback pre-order available

A Euphemia Martins Mystery

Euphemia’s wedding day has finally dawned. Her little brother, mother and step father are present. There’s even a rumour that her grandfather might turn up. This is especially awkward as she would finally have to confess to Bertram that she is not merely a chambermaid going up in the world but actually the granddaughter of one of the foremost Earl’s in the country. However, such worries are quickly cast into the shade as a death occurs while the congregation are waiting at the church for the bride. Rory McLeod, now a member of His Majesty’s Police Force, is despatched to investigate and quickly concludes that it is murder. Will Euphemia get married? Will Euphemia’s old nemesis, Richard Stapleford, deprive her of her future happiness? Will old scores finally be settled?