8000 Years of Wisdom

Mike Cast & Michelle Abadie

100 Octogenarians Share Their Lessons Learned from Life

What words of wisdom gained from your own life experience would you pass on to future generations?

That was the question put to 100 octogenarians from all over the world, some famous, others ordinary… all extraordinary.

The answers of a generation who grew up between two World Wars form a documentary of wise words and fascinating first-hand social history of life before the invention of mass-production cars and planes and a time prior to the birth of the National Health Service.

Real-life stories include:


  • the husband who was captured by the Gestapo on his wedding night
  • the alcoholic who became a philosopher
  • the founder of Iyengar yoga
  • the man who created Paddington Bear
  • a member of the Dambusters’ raid
  • survivors of Auschwitz, Nazi labour camps, Japanese death marches and the blitz
  • the lady who listened in on Winston Churchill's war-time telephone conversations

Part of the proceeds will be donated to the Royal Hospital Chelsea, to support the Chelsea Pensioners.