The Loophole book launch

The Loophole book launch

AccentPress AdminMay 22, '19

On May 14, 2019, Vera Morris held a launch for her latest crime novel at Alto Lounge in Caversham, Berkshire. Eighty people helped Vera celebrate the publication of The Loophole; these included former teachers and pupils from the mixed secondary school, Chiltern Edge, Oxfordshire, were she was headteacher; former pupils and staff from the first school she taught at in Reading; old badminton friends, writing friends and friends and neighbours. Everyone enjoyed reuniting, drinking wine and eating the lovely food provided by Mel and her staff.

Vera’s super booksellers, Simon, her nephew, all the way from Yorkshire and former Senior Teacher, Chiltern Edge School, Graham, all the way from Caversham (!) sold all copies of The Loophole and many of her previous novels, Some Particular Evil and The Temptation.

Vera read two short extracts from The Loophole and thanked everyone form their tremendous support during a difficult year. She also thanked Hazel, Katrin and Jamie of Accent Press, her publishers, for their help and understanding, and announced there would be at least three more launch parties as she had signed a three-book contract with Accent Press. Lots of cheers, so everyone had enjoyed the evening and looked forward to another reunion next year, when the fourth crime novel, The Ship of Death, will be published. 

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