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A Novel Writer’s Toolkit by Jenny Kane

AccentPress AdminJun 25, '19

The Introduction to Novel Writing workshop isn’t designed to tell you how to write, but to show you how to tackle the process of writing a novel and the problems you’ll encounter along the way. To deliver a toolkit of information that will see you from the first word of your novel to the last - after all, it can be a daunting process, especially if you have never written fiction before.

Voices in His Head by Charlie Laidlaw

AccentPress AdminJun 21, '19

I hope the book is uplifting, largely because I like happy endings!  The book is about the big stuff like family bereavement, and the smaller stuff that we live through every day.  It’s a portrait of a mentally fragile young woman who gets some things right, but not everything. 

Murderous Musings by Lorraine Mace

AccentPress AdminJun 14, '19

“Stop being such a wimp,” I said. “If I was going to murder you, I wouldn’t tell you in advance about the method I’d use.” For some reason that didn’t put his mind at rest. He shook his head and said I needed professional help.

The Things I’ve Learnt About Giving Author Talks by Laura Wilkinson

AccentPress AdminJun 13, '19

Recently, with the publication of Crossing the Line, I’ve spoken at a number of events. Despite a background as an actress, and experience of public speaking as an author, I still find it bone-shudderingly terrifying. In an effort to – hopefully – help others, I’m sharing some of the things I’ve learnt.

Theatreland by Lynne Shelby

AccentPress AdminJun 7, '19

There’s no denying that acting is a glamorous profession, but I know from the experiences of my relatives and friends how tough it can be, the years of gruelling training that lie behind a seemingly effortless performance, going to castings and then waiting anxiously for the call from your agent telling you whether or not you’ve got the job...