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A Life with Too Many Books by Deborah Swift

AccentPress AdminAug 30, '19

When I added up my reading habit, it seemed insane. I read far more than I did before I was a writer, and I used to be a bookworm then. Whenever I'm not writing I seem to be reading, and now we are so wired up to our digital machines, I'm reading more or less constantly.

Nothing Like the Dream by Colette McCormick

AccentPress AdminAug 2, '19

Ribbons in Her Hair did once reach the heady heights of 391 in the Amazon Kindle chart and I took great delight in seeing it above the likes of JoJo Moyes. I now like to think of my books as ‘slow burners.’ 

The Reality of Romance Novels by Karen King

AccentPress AdminJul 26, '19

It’s often said that romance novels are sheer escapism, and while this is true in the sense that there is always a happy ending to romance, whereas there often isn’t in real life, and that romance novels are usually set in glorious locations – mine are set in Spain, Cornwall, Majorca to name a few places – there is also a lot of reality in romance books. There is a relationship truth at the core of the books and a lot of readers can relate to that. 

The Irish Rectory, The Holiday, and Bath Man by Grace Wynne-Jones

AccentPress AdminJul 19, '193 comments

Seems we sometimes need to be tender with the ridiculous, in life and in print. Writing fiction allows one to explore life's soft, sometimes baffling, underbelly. As a reader I love it when a book feels like a friend.

Weird Obsessions by Terence Bailey

AccentPress AdminJul 12, '19

The other thing about my Uncle Vic was this: he was psychic. Let me explain that. I really need to, because, nowadays, I consider myself a sceptic. I believe in the scientific method and am suspicious of anyone who claims to read others’ thoughts, move objects with their mind, predict the future or (especially!) speak to the dead. I do not believe in out of body experiences or spirit guides. And yet, I do know this: when Uncle Vic told me about things that were going to happen, they usually did.