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The Evolution of the Executive Decision Series by KD Grace

AccentPress AdminApr 19, '19

What I wanted most in the Executive Decisions novels was to create characters with depth and flaws and battles to fight. I wanted the reader to see those actual battles play out through twists and turns of the plot, to understand the characters more deeply because of those conflicts. I wanted to create a series of novels with sizzling sex that was hot enough to linger in, but also had compelling plots that would keep readers turning pages, reading for way more than just the sex.

The End of a Trilogy by Trish Moran

AccentPress AdminApr 12, '19

The story is set in the near future, so there was plenty of scope for possible technological developments. As it is a novel for young adults and teenagers, I felt I could also include an element of fantasy and imagination.

DI Marsh, Generation #Not-Me by Anna Legat

AccentPress AdminApr 5, '19

She wasn’t born to be liked – she was born to get to the bottom of the matter. That takes dogged determination, hard-nosed attitude and never letting go. It is no wonder that with all those characteristics, DI Marsh is affectionately known as Pitt Bull.

Choosing a Title by Penny Kline

AccentPress AdminMar 29, '19

Titles matter. “Lord of the Flies” was going to be called “Strangers from Within”, and “Gone with the Wind” was to be “Tomorrow is Another Day”. Would they have been so successful if they had been given the original titles? Hard to say, since once the title is familiar, it feels as though that was exactly what it ought to be. 

Father by day; crime writer by night by Alex Hyland

AccentPress AdminMar 22, '19

Was I being over-protective in not just telling her? It’s part of history after all, and thankfully long gone – but there’s the imagery of it, and all the questions that would no doubt follow. How do you introduce a blood-stained, medieval executioner into a world whose main driving force is Alvin and the Chipmunks?